Super Foods

They are foods that have a greater amount of nutrients, very few calories and bring extra benefits to health and wellness in a natural way: highly recommended as part of a healthy diet, powerful antioxidants, slow the aging process and help prevent cardiovascular diseases.




They are an intermediate between a pharmaceutical product and a natural product. They are products that besides feeding have therapeutic properties.

From the tropics to the world

Colombia is a privileged country

Our product: Raw Materials

Our product: Raw Materials

  • Aloe vera 100x – Powder
  • Aloe vera gel – Gel
  • Cardamom – Speeds
  • Moringa leaves – Powder
  • Graviola leaves – Powder
  • Green sleeming coffe – Graunded
  • Spirulina – Powder
  • Sacha Inchi – Almonds
100% Natural Formulas – Bulk

100% Natural Formulas – Bulk

  • Super foods
  • Berries
  • Chlorophyll
  • Moringa
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Colosan
  • Gastrel
  • Nivelcol
Commercial proposal

Commercial proposal

  • Presentation: Bulk
  • Minimun quanties: 50 kgs / 110 lbs
  • Delivery: 2/3 weeks (at any main airport in the world)
  • Prices: CiF / DLP
  • Payment terms: CBD when we advise the order we advise the order is ready for shiplment.
  • Contact: Mr Humberto Palacio R.
About us

About Us

Herbal Solutions is a division of Proindeco Ltda, a Colombian Company established in 2003. Today we are a solid are dynamic company committed to improving the health and the quality of life of our customers.

What we do

We formulate, produce and distribute our products at a national level and also for export internationally. Our range consists of nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals which are 100% natural, without added sugars, dyes or flavourings and without chemicals. All our formulations are made based on the concept of healthy eating. Our company’s ethos is based on the principles of honesty, research, excellent quality and optimal customer service.


Our aim is to position our products as the most reliable for their quality and formulation and to promote the cultivation and consumption of fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants in Colombia.